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Crane Suite

CraneSuite enhances processes at the quay. These systems increase the performance of loading and unloading with no impact on port or terminal operations.

Crane CCR

Orbita CraneCCR automates container identification in ship-to-shore crane operations.

Crane OS

Orbita CraneOS software integrates CraneSuite components according to client requirements. Reliable container ISO codes, truck identification, truck positioning or container damage inspection data are captured by CraneOS and shown to the user in a single interface that can be remotely managed.

Crane TPS

The Orbita Crane Truck Positioning system automates the internal truck flow under STS cranes since it provides suitable hardware and software tools to achieve an optimal and fast truck position. By reducing spreader movements the operational time and energy needed is reduced, improving crane’s performance.

Crane TMS

The CraneTMS system allows traffic control in STS cranes by using traffic lights that improve the vehicle flow, as well as the safety and risk prevention, in relation to manipulation of cargo and queue management at the different lanes below the STS.